The faces at our Johnsonville branch


AlanThe man that gets the job done effortlessly every time, is Alan - organising chaos is what he thrives on the most.  Steering and guiding the crew through rough waters, always ends up a smooth sailing day for Mr Frost.  Dedicated is an understatement, he is always there to assist, and this is definitely the man you want on your side when under pressure.  A walking encyclopaedia and trivial pursuit man, Alan is a fountain of general knowledge which keeps things lively and challenging.


DaveDave is a technician who likes a challenge and has the can do attitude. Nothing is too complicated, and Dave welcomes all cars with open arms. There is no bolt, screw or nut that he can’t undo. He has many nicknames here - some like to call him Super Dave - but the personal favourite is “The Hulk.”



DavidDavid is very knowledgeable and talented for a young technician, and loves to work on BMW’s and performance cars.  He will always be there when you call on him. David has a great sense of humour and enjoys participating in team building events. He also comes up with the darnedest words and sayings that seem to catch on!  



DaphneShe enjoys keeping the finger on the pulse, likes to get stuck into a job hands on or not.  Daphne tries to prioritise, but every job is important to her... if only she had eight arms and a clone she’d be happy.  Administration is where her role is, so if you have a query, she can look at it and help you out one way or another.



DanielleDrama is what makes her day, the more drama the better. But don’t worry, the daily episodes always have a fairytale ending. Danielle does like keeping her cars' appearance up with the play - mag wheels, lights, gadgets, stereo, speakers, sub-woofers, air fresheners, she's definitely an accessories girl.  Danielle is the one person you may hear from the most in any one day, as she mans the desk and on occasion works on the floor.



Our Jeff is the nice guy. He gets the job done every time, and backs everybody up. Jeff likes to ensure things are done in a timely manner. The muscle car he has turns heads and it is even famous - you may have seen it on King Kong, Peter Jackson style.  He is one of the Senior Technicians on site with the gift of youthful looks and no worry lines.  



ChrissieEvery day she is here is a pleasant day, with her bubbly personality and her gift of the silver tongue; she has everyone under her magical spell.  Enlightening and full of good advice, she tells you how it is and if you don’t like it, then ask someone else.  Looking after the team and making sure their paperwork is done and up to date, keeping everyone in place and on target.



Without a doubt, he is a hard worker, always on the go and hyped for action.  Never says no when asked to do anything, the response is “I’ll do it next”.  He loves his Skyline, but really, he loves his skyline.  Loves to keep fit and enjoys a good workout at the Gym.


MarkMark is the Property Manager for Autostop, planning, maintaining, structuring and organising is what he specialises in.  He is the professional rally driver in the Autostop race this space for the next defending champ!  Practical and gentlemanly (he likes to believe), he enjoys the opportunity to plan ahead. He is often challenged by the 9 letter word in the newspaper.  



ChrisMonitoring and guiding the success of the business is in the hands of this gentleman, building on good solid foundations and encouraging fairness and principles.  He is a  great leader for people who want to gain good knowledge, to source better opportunities, to be inspired, and for anyone wishing to achieve. He is family orientated and enjoys spending all his spare time with them, his annual event navigating in the Autostop race car is definitely something he looks forward to each year.


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